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Shore Protection Works

We at Marisol consider the coastal area as a dynamic natural landscape. Make only interventions in the coastal processes and in the coastal landscape if the interests of the society are more important than preserving the natural coastal resource. We work with nature, for instance by re-establishing a starved coastal profile by nourishment and by utilising site-specific features, such as strengthening semi-hard promontories. We also make it a point to minimise the use of coastal protection schemes, give high priority to the quality of the coast resource, and concentrate on shore protection. Weselect a solution which fits the type of coastline and which fulfils as many of the goals set by the stakeholders and the authorities as possible. It is quite often impossible to fulfil all goals, as they are often conflicting and because of budget limitations. It should be made clear to all parties, which goals are fulfilled and which are not. The consultant must make it completely clear what the client can expect from the selected solution; this is especially important if the project has been adjusted to fit the available funds.